Tuesday, 9 October 2012


When it comes to Rihanna’s diet, Nuñez promotes proper food combining. “You shouldn’t mix starches with protein because there is an enzyme that exists for the processing of starches, and an enzyme that exists for the processing of protein — and they don't get along,” Nuñez says.
 she trains Rihanna using a mix of martial art, dancing, and calisthenics
“Can you imagine two enzymes having a fight in your belly? One is going to win and stay. If it's starch, it turns to glucose — not good. If it's protein, better .A typical meal for the newly crowned queen of the digital universe? “Fish with a salad or veggies,” Nuñez says.
 RiRi’s abs workouts
You’ll Need: an exercise mat, some hot Rihanna tunes, and major girl power!
 and 32 reps of the following .
Full-Range Sit-Up
Sit-Ups With Torso Rotations
Active Plank
Holding Plank
Roman Rotator
 Goodluck people !!!!!!!!

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